New Practical Photography Training Courese

From 2021 I will be offering bespoke practical Shetland Landscape photography training courses, either on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis. It doesn't matter what level you are we will be able to offer support, guidance and training. Courses are based in the south end (Dunrossness) area where there are plenty of subject to choose from.
Make sure you come prepared for all weathers and let me know your fitness levels.
I can arrange courses close to the car if you are less abled, others may be up to a 2-3 mile walk max

For those interested in an urban setting, Lerwick offers plenty of photo opportunities and its easier walking. This might be better if you are on a cruise with limited time.

Course are available on a 3 or 5 hour basis
I am a fully qualified Adult learning Tutor with over 40 years photography experience.