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Photography Courses and Workshops in Shetland
I am a fully qualified Adult Learning Photography Tutor and have been offering photography training courses and workshops since 2007 to various Adult Education centres the Forestry Commission and individuals. I was a Training manager for 10 years before running my own photography business. There are two main types :

1. Shetland Adult Education (6 weeks course Monday 9.30- 12.30) Know your own camera (beginner) and Intermediate courses in Lerwick starts . as well as night sky photography -all 6 session courses 3 hour per session on Monday mornings

2. Short course 3 or 5 hours duration, outside practical, these can be on Know your own camera or an intermediate workshop on a specific topic such as Seascapes, Wildlife etc,
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Know Your Own Camera (Beginners)- November 2024

Suitable for beginners; no prior knowledge is required. Stuck on Auto? This course will help you gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence to start to use your own camera to produce quality photographs. It is a mixture of PowerPoint presentations,
practical exercises and discussion and includes using your camera functions, composition, using your photos and a look at what other equipment may be beneficial.
Bring your digital camera, camera handbook (important), a notebook and a drink for
the break.

Monday 9.30am- 12.30pm 6 weeks starting Sept 2024- book in August, an intermediate Digital 1, 2 or 3

Night Sky Photography (without a telescope) starting April 2023 in Lerwick (FULLY BOOKED)
Send me your details and I will put you on the waiting list

You should be able to use manual settings, including manual focus.
The course will be a mixture of PowerPoint presentations, practical work (using your own equipment) and discussion which will increase knowledge, understanding and improve skills on night sky photography.
Sessions include Aurora, Stars, Milky Way, Moon, Sun, Preparation, Equipment and other subjects
Bring your digital camera, camera handbook (important), a notebook and a drink for the break.
NOTE: You should be able top manually focus your lens

See Shetland Adult Education for full details of these and the courses the under mentioned :

Digital 1, 2, 3

Contact me if you need and further information

Contact Shetland Adult Education direct, to book the above

For the 3 or 5 hour workshops please contact me regarding availability, cost and subject type you are interested in, these are normally either 1:1 or 2:1 and take place in south mainland