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Amazing Shetland Canvas Prints.
Canvas Prints: Available in the following sizes
30x20 inch - £150
24x16 inch - £140
Now with FREE postage

Mounted (Brown) A4 print £27 + postage (please contact me with your details for a quote

Payment either by PayPal or cheque

Your Canvas will be posted once funds have cleared and will normally be with you within two weeks of placing the order.

Lifetime no fade prints –Inkjet Epson K3 Pigment inks (8 colour and 3 shades of black)

· Ink-jet: This is the most common method of canvas printing. Canvas material is fed into professional high-resolution printers and a copy of your photograph is printed directly onto the material.

This is a popular method of printing for photographs, as the digital nature of the printing leads to very precise representations of the original image.

• Pigment inks: These inks are more UV-resistant than dye inks. Pigment inks can also be printed at resolutions as high as 2400 DPI, making them particularly useful for the detail of photographs.

• In the right conditions, prints created using high-grade pigment inks can last a life time without significant deterioration.

• 360 gsm Cotton quality canvas
The weight of canvas is measured in grams per square metre (GSM). As well as being more durable, heavier canvases are able to absorb more ink. This creates a superior reproduction of your photographs. - Cotton canvases are made with natural cotton fibres. These canvases produce the highest quality prints, due to the ink penetrating deep into the fabric. Cotton canvases provide a more exact colour representation than the cheaper polyester canvas

Satin varnished

We will finish your print by adding a coat of special varnish. This will offer your print increased UV resistance, as well as protecting your canvas from damp and mould. You will also be able to clean your print more effectively without risk of damage.

18mm Traditional box framed, stretched frames with tension wedges

No Wedges. If you want your canvas prints to last, wedges are important.

Choice of photo wrap, white or black edge

Ready to hang - a hanging cord is already attached

Caring for your Photo Canvas Print

With some simple care, your photo canvas print should remain clean and bright for many years.

• Location: Your picture should be hung away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. You should also position your canvas away from direct sources of heat, such as above radiators and fireplaces.

• Try to keep your canvas dry. Damp conditions will course the canvas to absorb moisture, causing distortion.

• Cleaning: You should clean your canvas as often as other household furniture. Gentle dusting with a dry, lint-free cloth is advised. If your canvas is varnished, a slightly damp cloth may also be used.

• Storage: if you wish to store your canvas print, you should keep it in a dry, protected environment. It is recommended that you keep your canvas upright and do not place heavy objects on top of it.

• Canvas prints are three dimensional wall hangings - they stand out and really grab your attention. Canvas prints also make wonderful gifts for any occasion that is unique, thoughtful, and fun.

Note: The watermark will not show on your canvas print, however I can add my signature on the canvas if required
Shipping & delivery

Amazing Shetland canvas prints can be shipped anywhere in the UK. If you are in Europe or Ireland please contact me at

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